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What is typically called the "neck" or "back" is a complicated structure of bone, muscle, nerves and other connective tissues. Any injury or damage to this complex system can be intensely painful, debilitating and sometimes irreversible.

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Injuries Could Manifest Over Time

Particularly in car accidents, the extent of the damage to the system may not be fully known for days, weeks or months afterward. To make matters worse, the person may appear fine despite chronic pain, limitations to motion and total fear of aggravating the damage, injury or pain. Insurance companies try to take advantage of this by claiming that the injuries are not serious and seek to limit payments. Insurance companies frequently claim that the impact was a minor or a low-speed crash, implying that the wreck caused no personal injury. This is incorrect.

Nearly 50 Years of Experience on Your Side

Because we have represented clients for nearly half a century, we know the severity of these injuries, and if you or someone close to you has sustained a neck or back injury because of someone's negligence, we are ready and willing to do whatever we can to help you recover your full damages. Contact us for a free consultation in the aftermath of sustaining a neck or back injury, including a broken back, fracture, slipped disk or herniated disk.

One visit convinced me that Richard was the right attorney for me. Throughout the duration of our case, I could never have imagined that any team of lawyers would take so much time, be so thorough, treat me and my family as their own, and so convincingly win the case as did Richard and Richard III. I went searching for an attorney--I gained friends for a lifetime.

South Louisiana Neck Injury Attorney

When clients partner with us, our lawyers are committed to obtaining funds for all necessary care, including:

  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical equipment
  • Pain medications or special accommodations

In the case of lasting/permanent injury, we are able to reach out to life care planners, economists and physicians to identify the limits to earning capacity and/or future care needs and costs, in addition to appropriate damages for disability, pain and suffering.

Attorneys Assisting With Neck, Upper and Lower Back Injuries

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