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Injuries that happen in the workplace and on land are covered under Louisiana personal injury or workers' compensation laws. Unlike those cases, workers who are injured aboard a vessel, whether in the U.S. coast and/or an inland waterway, or offshore must seek recovery of their damages under the Jones Act (also called the Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act) and general maritime law.

Why an Experienced Attorney Is Essential

Jones Act claims can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of an experienced attorney. For help with your Jones Act claim, turn to a law firm that has been assisting injured clients for nearly five decades. 

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The Jones Act and How It Applies to You

The Jones Act mandates that:

"Any seaman who shall suffer personal injury in the course of his employment may, at his election, maintain an action for damages at law ..."

Seamen, longshoremen and other maritime workers are forced to work with this unique, dynamic and specialized area of the law based on the U.S. Constitution and various laws enacted by the U.S. Congress.

Navigating the laws applicable to Jones Act and general maritime law cases can be complex. The Jones Act cases are often a bewildering mass of complex and conflicting case laws. In order to obtain benefits, a seaman must establish that:

  • His or her duties contributed to the function of the vessel or the accomplishment of its mission
  • He or she has a connection to a vessel in navigation (or to an identifiable group of such vessels) that is substantial in terms of both its duration and its nature

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Other Key Parts to Jones Act Claims

It is key to determine that he or she was assigned to a vessel, defined as, "every description of water craft or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on water."

Cases hold that jack-up rigs, drilling rigs, utility boats, work boats, crew boats, barges, spud barges and other such objects used in the Gulf of Mexico are "vessels" within the meaning of the Jones Act seamen and the general maritime law. The complexity of these cases is frequently too much for most generally practicing attorneys. If you have been injured on a vessel, we are committed to bringing nearly half a century of experience obtaining millions for clients to help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

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Jones Act and maritime injury cases are and have been a core area of focus in our decades of practice. We bring a comprehensive understanding and unyielding advocacy to obtain the relief clients deserve. We are ready to help you do the same.

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