Seek the Compensation You Deserve with a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Individuals who suffer a cruise ship injury may have cause to file a personal injury claim against the cruise ship or cruise line, especially in cases of negligence. However, if you are injured at sea, aspects of your case may fall under maritime law. Our team at the Law Offices of Richard R. Kennedy in Lafayette, LA, understands the nuances of these complex cases and can investigate the details of your accident to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your case in more detail with a cruise ship injury lawyer.

Common cruise ship injuries 

Many cruise ship injuries are related to slip and fall accidents. An important part of securing compensation is proving that your accident was not due to any fault of your own, but rather negligence on the part of another. This can include members of the crew, ship manufacturers, or the cruise line. We work with a network of safety experts and naval architects who can conduct a thorough investigation to compile relevant evidence. Cruise ship negligence can apply in many situations.

Photo of a deck on a ship

Falling down a staircase 

Dangerous issues such as water or foreign substances on the stairs, lack of handrails, poorly designed handrails, and varying or shallow steps are all instances where your fall could be considered the fault of the cruise line. 

Slipping and falling on deck 

It is the responsibility of the cruise line to make the decks reasonably safe by safeguarding against hazards. If the deck was slippery or wet and did not contain proper signage, the crew or the cruise line can be held accountable. 

Tripping over a threshold

Federal and international shipping law mandates having thresholds in certain locations to ensure the ship is watertight. While they are required features, the cruise ship must provide passengers sufficient warning of a threshold to prevent injury. If you trip over a threshold on a cruise ship, look around to see if there are any warning signs or stickers, as their absence may be considered negligence.

Other possible incidents include:

  • Falling overboard
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Recreation accidents
  • Illness such as food poisoning or Legionnaires’ disease
  • Catastrophic accidents
  • Assault or other intentional acts by the crew

Proving these incidents were the fault of the cruise ship or company requires an advanced understanding of both maritime injury law and personal injury lawsuits. The best way to ensure you are treated fairly is to hire a cruise ship accident lawyer. 

What to Do If You Are Injured on a Cruise Ship

The first step is to seek medical attention right away. It is important to obtain copies of your medical records, as you will need documented proof of your injuries and treatment to receive reimbursement from the cruise line for your medical bills. 

You also need to report the incident to the cruise line. They may offer to cover your medical bills if you sign certain documents agreeing not to sue. Make sure you do not sign any documents before reviewing these with an attorney, as contracts may prevent you from filing a claim against the cruise line in the future. 

If you have been seriously injured while at sea, the maritime lawyers at the Law Firm of Richard R. Kennedy can help.

Along with copies of any medical records and incident reports, you or a friend should take pictures of the exact location of the accident as well as your injuries. The more evidence you gather, the greater your chances of success. 

The Fine Print

If you are injured on a cruise ship, your ability to file a claim may be affected by the fine print on your ticket. Rules, regulations, and liability information are often found on the back or bottom of the cruise ticket or receipt. This information may include clauses that shorten the normal three-year statute of limitation for maritime injury claims or designate a location where the cruise line must be sued. Many cruise ships are registered in other countries, and international laws may apply to the events surrounding your injury.  

Advocating for You

If you have been seriously injured while at sea, the maritime lawyers at the Law Firm of Richard R. Kennedy can help. Contact our office online or call (800) 440-1934 or (337) 232-1934 to start building your case.