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Back to School Time: Laws of the School Zones

Aug 7, 2019 — by Richard Kennedy III | Comments (0)
Tags: School Zone Texting Driving Bus Cell Phone

Summer is ending and schools are back in session.  What do you need to know about driving in a "school zone?"  Cell phone use, speed limits, and other changes when in a school zone. 

Driving behind other vehicles -- Following too closely

Mar 19, 2018 — by Richard Kennedy III | Comments (0)
Tags: Rear End Collision Tailgating

A motorist who drives his car behind another car has to maintain a safe distance between his car and the one he is following.  While a motorist may assume the car he is following is being driven in a safe manner and with care and caution, the following motorist must maintain a safe distance.  What is a safe distance?  That depends on many factors.  Speed and distance between the leading and following cars play into the formula.  The distance should allow the following motorist to avoid a collision, meaning the following motorist must maintain a safe speed so as not to tailgate or crowd the leading vehicle and to allow enough room to slow down.

Waiting at a red light and you get hit from behind. Now what?

Nov 3, 2017 — by Richard Kennedy III | Comments (0)
Tags: Rear End Collision Redlight Collision Crash

Clients often wonder how could the defendant driver not see a stopped car at a red light or simply see their brake lights.  No matter the excuses we often hear, the truth is the following vehicle's driver was simply not paying attention.  Louisiana has several "rules" for driving, but I believe there is a golden rule, pay attention.  If a driver pays attention, he will notice all traffic signals, all road and warning signs, and other vehicles on the road.  When a driver fails to pay attention, collisions happen.  A simple distraction can cause serious injury or even end a life.  Louisiana law and our courts provide the victims of crashes protection.

Left turns -- one of the most dangerous maneuvers

Oct 23, 2017 — by Richard Kennedy III | Comments (0)

Louisiana courts have ruled that the left turn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers a driver can execute. 

Differences between Life and Work-Life Expectancy

Clients must know the differences between life and work-life expectancies in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

What Happens to the Client When the Attorney Disobeys a Court Order?

May 3, 2016 — by Richard Kennedy | Comments (0)
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When we receive the court's Scheduling Order, we (a) immediately input all of the court-order dates into our computer and paper calendars with the appropriate electronic alerts when he filing is due, and (b) we immediately sent a copy of the Order to our client.  This helps ensure that we do not disobey a court order.

Frustrated by the insurance adjuster

Apr 22, 2016 — by Richard Kennedy III | Comments (0)

The rear-end collision caused my client, "Joe," instant and long lasting pain.  An ambulance took him to a local emergency room for tests and treatment and then released.  Joe called his insurance company to report the crash and tried to call the other insurance company.  When an adjuster finally called back, Joe immediately sensed that this adjuster was not concerned about his health or his car.  Despite attempting to deal with this adjuster over the next few weeks, Joe realized that he was not able to get answer and felt like he was not being treated fairly.  So now what?