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Truck hits vehicles and apartment complex

Being involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler is always a scary situation. No matter what type of vehicle you are in, the 18-wheeler is always larger and capable of causing more damage. However, as a few Louisiana residents discovered, a truck accident is especially scary when one happens not on the road but within the four walls of one's own home

This 18-wheeler accident, which started on a nearby state highway, injured five people and resulted in multiple collisions. First, a car that was pulling into oncoming traffic was struck by the truck. The driver of that car was airlifted to the hospital for her injuries. Then, the truck hit a parked pickup truck and forced both vehicles into the wall of an apartment complex, where one man was injured. In addition, the 18-wheeler struck a parked SUV parked near the apartment complex. Two others besides those mentioned were injured as well.

After the accident, people could see inside the apartment building because of the damage to the walls. Almost miraculously, at this time it appears this was not a fatal truck accident.

When an accident involving an 18-wheeler commercial truck or semi truck occurs, the most important thing to do first is ensure everyone's safety. Once the injuries are taken care of, then the other driver or anyone else involved should get down all the information he or she can, including the owner of the truck. In some instances, the owner of the truck or even those are using that truck to ship goods can be sued for medical expenses or property damage.

Source:, "5 hurt in Chackbay accident," Nov. 2, 2012

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