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Hit-and-run accident sends 2-year-old girl to hospital

When most people hear about a car crash on Louisiana roads, they may think of the standard fender-bender. Even though fatal car accidents continue to be common throughout America, most car accidents do not result in serious injury. However, there are always those scary news stories that can catch a person's attention and make them more aware that when it comes to road safety, it doesn't always mean paying attention to one's own driving or actions. Sometimes it can mean being aware of how others are driving.

This was, unfortunately, on full display in a story coming out of the New Orleans area. And, to make matters worse, a young child was involved.

According to news reports, a man, who apparently is in the country illegally, was driving a car on the night of Sept. 19 when he allegedly hit a 2-year-old toddler in a parking lot. The suspect then fled the hit-and-run scene, only to be apprehended later that evening and booked into Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on charges of operating a vehicle without lawful presence in the United States, vehicular negligent injuring and felony hit-and-run.

The young girl was transported to the hospital. There were no immediate reports as to the extent of her injuries, but hopefully she will make a full recovery.

As the medical expenses pile up for the young girl's family, they may wish to consider the option of pursuing civil actions which could follow up the criminal court proceedings. In this type of accident, a criminal conviction on the charges can serve a powerful piece of evidence of a defendant's negligence. Anyone who finds themselves and their family in these types of unfortunate circumstances would be well-advised to contact an experienced attorney to explore options for obtaining the level of compensation they require to weather their medical, emotional and financial storm.

Source: KATC-TV, "Toddler injured in hit-and-run," The Associated Press, Sept. 20, 2012

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