Lafayette Injury Attorney

Few events in life change things as drastically as a serious injury to you or someone close to you. In the immediate aftermath of a serious injury, you will be forced to deal with health care concerns as well as your physical and emotional healing. These problems can be made even more difficult when you consider the long-term implications that injuries can have on your professional opportunities and quality of life.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable for Nearly 50 Years

The law firm of Richard R. Kennedy will not let you shoulder your burdens alone. Personal injury laws allow for accountability of the negligent party and compensation for the injured. Our Lafayette injury lawyers possess complex personal injury litigation knowledge, comprehensive competence in personal injury law and successful, tested experience. We are here for you to help you obtain compensation for your losses.

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South Louisiana Maritime Law Attorney

Our firm is focused on serious personal injury, admiralty personal injury in state and federal courts throughout South Louisiana. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality representation to people suffering the anguish of personal injury by helping them recover, restore and replace their economic security, pride and self-respect.

Since establishing the law firm nearly 50 years ago, we decided to take an individualized approach to every case.

"What differentiates us is that our experience allows for us to take a select group of significant injury and death cases that we methodically and aggressively prepare for trial while also devoting time to cases that are less extensive but also require serious advocacy." — Richard R. Kennedy, Founding Partner

When we take a case, we are tireless in our work ethic. We focus on a quality caseload so that we can ideally prepare a case for litigation to maximize compensation for our clients. We aren't a "settlement factory," and we will never shortchange you because we are afraid of court. In nearly half a century of practice, this approach has yielded many millions for our clients and earned us the distinction of admission to the American College of Trial Lawyers, an elite organization composed of no more than one percent of American attorneys.

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